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Log Homes for Sale in NY


Pioneer Log Cabins in Windham

Since 1976, the team at Pioneer Log Homes has been crafting and constructing log homes for sale in NY and anywhere in North America. Each home is custom made to your budget, time frame and needs. The skill, craftsmanship, dedication, and reputation of Pioneer Log Homes makes them the natural choice for you, your architect, and, of course, Brainard Ridge.

Whole log construction is the heart and soul of rustic ambiance. Its adaptability and durability is evidence in its continued use from the earliest days of colonial settlement. Today, log cabins are a staple for wooded areas and rambling mountain retreats. The team at Pioneer Log Homes have created thousands of log & timber frame structures from Oregon all the way to upstate New York.

Their CEO, Jay Pohley’s mission is to “produce only the best in hand craftsmanship with the finniest naturally dry, dead-standing timber as the sole source of house logs and timbers.”

Does Pioneer Log Homes build structures other than residential log homes?

Yes. Pioneer Log Homes & Timber create commercial spaces as well. In the past they’ve done structures for resorts, like Big Cedar Lodge and log timbers for Bass Pro Shops across Canada and North America.

How long does it take to build a Pioneer Log Home?

Depending on the complexity of the project, the length of time will vary. Please talk to one of the representatives at Pioneer Log & Timber to get an accurate estimate.

Does Pioneer Log Homes sell kits?

No, they do not sell kits or plans. Pioneer Log Homes builds your home custom made for you.

Enjoy the natural beauty and grace of a log home nestled in a winter wonderland, brought to you by Pioneer Log Homes and Brainard Ridge Associates. If you’re interested in building a log home in Windham, NY please visit the Pioneer Log Homes’ website or contact Brainard Ridge Realty at 518-734-5333.

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